Some of our current cases

Educating and motivating salespeople

We are creating a management program to help the company on a long term basis educating and motivating its salespeople to sell more digital products.

Strengthing retention and attraction

Virtio is producing a solution to upgrade the client’s onboarding and recruitment program so that it can strengthen its retention and attract the best talents in the field.

Digitise to minimise costs

We are digitising a course to minimise the costs of hosting learning courses. Digitising this course also opens up a business opportunity for the institute.

Developing medical staffs

With an extensive digital learning course we’ll help Novo Nordisk educating nurses about type 2 diabetes.

Few of our many succesful cases

Novo Nordisk

Informing and educating about a product

With a digital event we helped Novo Nordisk educate healthcare professionals about the company’s new product Wegovy.

Danish Handball Federation

Inspiring volunteer coaches

In this case traditional e-learning wasn’t the solution as the audience to reach was voluntary people. Instead we used storytelling to pave the way for a learning experience that seems similar to the content we consume our free time.

Danish Environmental Protection Agency

Optimising onboarding activities

Implementing a new, fundamental IT system and onboarding of all 900 employees in only 3 weeks.



Making employees AI savvy

We created an online learning course to educate medical secretaries and healthcare professionals about AI and chatbots. 

Like many other organisations in the digital age, HK is working towards becoming techdriven and technically savvy.

The Danish Scout Troop

Recruiting and creating interest

With storytelling we created a series of videos that resembles content people usually watch in their free time. We created learning in an entertaining and non-traditional way.


Developing competency for daycare providers

Virtio created a blended learning program with the intention to develop competencies for daycare providers without withdrawing them from their duties during their working hours.