DBI - Danish Institute of Fire and Security

Short recap

We are digitising a course to minimise the costs of hosting learning courses. Digitalising this course also opens up a business opportunity for the institute.

Challenge and needs

Today the client offers a half day course to people responsible for fire systems in buildings and institutions.

The client has asked us to digitalise the course to minimise the costs of hosting these courses. The institute sees a business opportunity in transforming the course to e-learning.


Transforming a physical course to a digital learning course.

The course will consist of several different elements including video, gamification, and interactive elements.

We aim to produce a manageable course that’s accessible for the course participants. When creating a long course it’s important to provide diverse content of learning to keep the attention and interest of the course participants.

Virtio's role and process

Transformation process I Development workshop I Counselling I Storyboard preparation I Graphic design I Video production I Speak I Setting up digital course I Delivery to platform I Project management