Novo Nordisk


How does one of the largest pharma-companies in the world get to engage with key target groups in innovative and relevant ways? Novo Nordisk wanted to reach both the public and healthcare professionals in new formats to meet new business goals. 


A learning universe of top professional podcasts and tv-talkshows. 

Podcast and talkshow

Podcast for the public with the purpose of information and and education. 

A TV-show for healthcare professionals with treatment and cases.

Virtio’s role

Idea | Concept | Production | Visual identity | Roll-out plan | Marketing strategy |

“Virtio has been indispensable in the process of developing this innovative learning universe. It is a huge success and has created a new direction for how we will work with learning and education for different target groups in the future.”

Betty Ø. Tandrup, Novo Nordisk


the Danish Environment Agency

Implementing a new, fundamental IT system and onboarding of all 900 employees in only 3 weeks


A blended -learning program with video guides, digital peer-to – peer training, and LIVE Q’&’As.

Digital peer-to-peer

Along with video guides the learning program had practical insights from employees across the organization to speed up the transformation and change process. 

Virtio’s role

Concept | Animation | Production | Live stream |

experts in digital learning and training

Let's make innovative and effective learning together

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Local Government Denmark


How to create an effective skills development program for 10.000 employees in all of Denmark’s municipalities that are working on their own? 


A ground-breaking learning program containing 20 episodes for Danish day care workers that is fitted closely to their working day and habits. 

Learning documentary

All episodes are created as documentaries with an combination of real live footage and expert statements. 

This is never seen before in Denmark in this scale. 

Virtio’s role

Idea | Concept | Production | Customized platform | Roll-out plan | 

“Virtio is driven by designing and developing programs that make their marks and contribute to real, visible improvements. Virtio is both creative and thorough in the way they work.”

Susanne Harder, Komponent


Confederation of Danish Industry:


How to effectively train 50+ leaders during a pandemic in distance management?


Online course on distance management together with a comprehensive set of learning materials. 

Online coruse

Engaging video-based eLearning in combination with different learning content such as quizzes, reflections and more. 

Virtio’s role

Idea | Concept | Production | Visual comm. | Platform | 

“The form and content of this online course by Virtio are really good. Very practical and applicable – good interaction with the videos and learning materials. Very sharp and ‘to the point’.”

Jens Halmø, DI

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