Learning solutions

Digital learning, development and communication to meet business needs in formats that suit the modern learner.  

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Create a learning organisation by making learning and training available anytime, anywhere with e-learning.

With the ability to deliver training content in a variety of formats, including videos, interactive modules, and quizzes, eLearning can be a highly engaging and effective learning tool, if done right.

People development

Skilled and motivated employees strengthen the competitive edge. Investing in employee development leads to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates.

With ongoing development programs you can enhance employee performance and drive business success.

Blended Learning

Learning & training is not a one off. It’s development over time. A blended learning-mindset let you build better learning suiting your employees’ needs and motivation.

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Learning Journeys

Learning journeys help employees stay engaged and motivated by providing them with a clear path for growth and development.

Through ongoing learning and development, employees can acquire new skills and knowledge that can ultimately help the company succeed in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Factual entertainment

Through the use of factual entertainment, you can offer employees a wide range of training programs that cover everything from leadership and communication skills to industry-specific knowledge and technical expertise.

By presenting this information in an entertaining and engaging way, employees are more likely to retain the information and apply it in their day-to-day work.


Our approach to learning is comprehensive and involves multiple steps to ensure our clients receive the most effective and targeted learning experiences.
We analyze our clients’ needs and objectives so that we can customize our training programs to their specific requirements.
We advise our clients on the most effective and appropriate training methods. We take into account factors such as available time, budget, and desired outcomes to ensure that our clients receive a tailored and valuable training experience.
We design training programs that are tailored to our clients’ unique needs and objectives. Our design focuses on interactive and engaging learning methods that have been proven to increase participants’ motivation and learning effectiveness.
We produce high-quality training materials designed to meet our clients’ needs and objectives. Our production team delivers a wide range of training materials, including videos, interactive modules, and podcasts, all tailored to our clients’ needs and desires.
We are not an LMS. We are a strategy- and content house. However, we cooperate with several LMS’ and can assist you in finding the right one.
No matter which step you are at on your journey, Virtio is ready to guide the process.
We always use our well proven process to succesful learning, training and development. 
From identifying a need to implementing a tailor-made learning and communications solution – Virtio can help you every step of the way.