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Elevate your learning with digital possibilities

Discover a world of limitless learning at Virtio, where digital possibilities redefine professional development.

Our vision:

  • Break free from the confines of traditional learning.
  • Explore the vast potential of digital resources.
  • Embrace learning that transcends job roles and settings.

Create entertaining learning

Dull learning is ineffective and a waste of resources.

Let us help you create learning that your employees or audience wants to watch. Learning that engages them as well as leading to better retention of information, and improved learning outcomes.

Why work with Virtio?

Trusted advisor

Your go-to partner when it comes to learning & development and communications.

Strategy partner

Creating learning & development strategies based on mapping needs and user analyses.

Learning designers

We are your external learning design team with vast experience from across branches.

Quality production

High-end production in all formats. Because mordern learning content must fit modern media habits.

Example of Previous Projects

From classical e-learning to digital documentaries. With our learning solutions we are transforming what corporate learning can be like. 

Want to know how?

Get a free learning analysis and let us show you. 

What our customers say

"Virtio has been a paramount partner in creating relevant, value-creating, and professional educational offers to health care professionals – and thereby Virtio has been crucial to our success."
Jens Øllgaard
Novo Nordisk
“Virtio is driven by designing and developing programs that make their marks and contribute to real, visible improvements. Virtio is both creative and thorough in the way they work.”
Susanne Harder
Local Government Denmark
“The new online course made by Virtio opens up many new possibilities for our members to develop themselves. This is totally unique as there is no other course like this one.”
Lene Roed

Trusted By

We are a trusted partner on learning, development, and communication for a number of organisations across branches.

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Stay ahead – dive into our learning universe with blogs, podcast, guides, and more. 

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