The Danish Scout Troop

Short recap
With storytelling we created a series of videos that resembles content people usually watch in their free time. We created learning in an entertaining and non-traditional way.   


Challenge and needs

The Danish Scout Troop experienced high interest from kids wanting to become a scout. The problem was that the organisation couldn’t live up to the high interest and demand due to a lack of adult scout leaders. 

The client faced difficulties in recruiting new scout leaders and retaining the ones that it had. That’s where the organisation came to us.

The goal of this campaign was to make recruiting and retention easier by inspiring adults to join The Danish Scout Troop as a scout leader and encourage them stay as long as possible.


The solution for this case looked a lot like another case that we’ve worked on, as the audience for our client is people who’re likely to work voluntarily.

With that in mind, we focused on making the product an inspiration for the audience. We wanted to appeal to the fireball within the audience.

We created a digital video campaign that comprises footage and interviews with parents who volunteer as scout leaders, kids who are scouts, and experts who speak about the life of being a scout leader. We present it in an inspirational way, focusing on the role of a scout leader, the difference a good scout leader can make for children, and what the community can offer for an individual.

We produced the videos in a format that resembles the ones people usually watch on television or other electronic devices in their free time.


We rolled out six videos each lasting from 5 to 10 minutes.

The videos are being used in several ways:

As recruitment, to inspire adults, particularly parents, to volunteer as a scout leader. 

As a retention tool to encourage existing scout leaders to continue their work with the children.

As onboarding resource for newly volunteered scout leaders.

Virtio's role and process

With our focus on creating inspirational videos, we decided to interview several different individuals involved with The Danish Scout Troops.

This idea for this was made after consulting and coming to agreement with the client.

Based on the agreement with the client, we prepared a storyboard with our vision. We ensured consistent communication with the client to create an agreeable storyboard that met their needs.

We interviewed parents who volunteer as scout leaders, kid scouts, and experts to describe the importance of scout leaders and what the job gives you as an individual.  

We took care of the video editing ourselves and welcomed constructive feedback and adjusting wishes from the client to deliver a solid and well-crafted product.