Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

Short recap

Virtio is producing a solution to upgrade the client’s onboarding and recruitment program so that it can strengthen its retention and attract the best talents in the field.

Challenge and needs

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority is experiencing a large turnover in employees every year. 25 percent of their employees change jobs every year.

The client has come to us to change that to keep several talents in their working staff for a longer time and to recruit talents more easily.


An updated and upgraded onboarding program and recruitment strategy.

Our mantra is that corporate learning should be as entertaining and easy to consume as the things we watch in our free time. In this case we want to enlighten new employees about the advantages of working for The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority with our onboarding program.

The onboarding program should not only revolve around technical work. It should acknowledge the employee’s human needs as social life in the working place and create a pride of working there. There’s so much more to a workplace than just the work. That will be our focus in the onboarding program.

Virtio's role and process

For the production we’ll work on graphic design, produce video, and record speak.

We’ll set up the digital course and deliver it to the platform ready to use.