Danish Environmental Protection Agency

Short recap
Implementing a new, fundamental IT system and onboarding of all 900 employees in only 3 weeks.


Challenge and needs

The Danish Environment Agency needed to onboard their 900 employees across several locations in only three weeks because of a relocation. The IT-system is fundamental to the everyday work in the organisation.

The client wanted to optimise their onboarding activities, primarily for two reasons: The old onboarding activities were resource demanding and didn’t have optimal effect for new employees. The employees complained that the old onboarding courses were too information heavy and not educational enough.

The mission was to digitalise the client’s onboarding program for new employees.


An implementation program coming in two digital phases and one physical.

We developed an onboarding concept for The Danish Environment Agency, where the new employees are the focal point and where the yield is optimised through focused and accessible learning. 

By doing it on-demand, flexible, and engaging it’s a perfect solution for quick and effective implementation across several locations.

We digitised a program consisting of three phases combining digital learning, live Q&A’s, and physical meetings and workshops.

During the process of onboarding it is critical to continue the learning activities after launch. Digital formats are effective for that purpose. Through engaging and relatable videos it is possible to learn from not only a teacher or manager – but from colleagues. Peer-to-peer training can be facilitated and rolled out very effectively through digitalization.

Meeting in person both during the onboarding and after launch is important to keep momentum and trust high. The concept aims to:

  • Increase the new employee’s skills and understanding the workplace’s workflows 
  • Create targeted introduction in relation to professionalism 

  • Give more time and space for relationship building 
  • Simplify administration


  • Reduce ongoing resources 
  • Mix different learning methods for optimal learning


The IT-system was rolled out in time. We secured the desired professional competences across 900 employees through an effective, smooth, and digital-first onboarding process. 

The process also resulted in a video-library with 25+ how-to and learning videos. This is being used in two ways: As a reference work, when one forgets how to complete a certain task within the system, the employees can find the specific how-to-video to refresh. As onboarding for newly appointed people.

Virtio's role and process

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