Novo Nordisk

Information about client

Novo Nordisk is a Danish global company and one of the world’s greatest and well-known medical and healthcare companies with over 59.000 employees around the globe.

Challenge and needs

There are still too many doctors and nurses who believe that severe overweight is about laziness and bad habits with diet and exercise. With that view, they will be less likely to prescribe medication and more likely to point to lifestyle changes as the solution to obesity.

Novo Nordisk came to us with a need to change the beliefs of many doctors and nurses. The company wanted to inform the medical professionals that for many patients prescribing medication can be a better solution to treat or beat obesity over lifestyle changes.



Novo Nordisk approached us with an idea of producing a podcast and a tv talk show for an audience that the company wanted to reach.

The company was inspired by their department in Australia, where they’d have produced educational content in the form of podcasts and video for healthcare professionals and the public. The client wanted to do the same thing in Denmark, which we solved.

We created a learning universe of top professional podcasts and tv talk shows.

A learning universe to inform about obesity as a disease and all the consequences and perspectives it entails. We did this by transparently, inclusively and accommodatingly addressing some of the concerns and reservations doctors and nurses have about treating severe obesity as a chronic disease that can therefore also be treated permanently pharmacologically.


Six podcast and tv talk show episodes about the following topics:

  • Status
  • Consequences
  • Prevention
  • Treatment

Podcast for the public with the purpose of information and education. 

A TV-show for healthcare professionals with treatment and cases.

With video we have better opportunities to review graphs, figures and studies. This is for those who want to dig deeper in learning.

Virtio's role and process

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And here is a word from our client

“Virtio has been indispensable in the process of developing this innovative learning universe. It is a huge success and has created a new direction for how we will work with learning and education for different target groups in the future.”

Betty Ø. Tandrup, Novo Nordisk