Novo Nordisk

Short recap
With an extensive digital learning course we’ll help Novo Nordisk educating nurses about type 2 diabetes.

Challenge and needs

Novo Nordisk works with a strategy in which the company sees an obligation to increase the level of knowledge and competence in the fields where the company operates.

The medical company has offered courses to medical staff and nurses for several years. This is the first time that Novo Nordisk wants to develop a thorough digital learning course regarding type 2 diabetes.  

Novo Nordisk is now working on digitising several courses including this about type 2 diabetes to maintain the relevance of their learning courses in our digital age.


An extensive digital learning course for nurses who work for general practitioners.

We will provide a product that’ll educate nurses about type 2 diabetes by describing what the disease is about and how to treat it.

The purpose is to increase the level of knowledge and competence so nurses working with general practitioners are suited to treat patients who also are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

The course will be divided into four modules. Two of them will be ready around the new years while the other two will be ready for spring 2024.

Virtio's role and process

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