Short recap

We created an online learning course to educate medical secretaries and healthcare professionals about AI and chatbots. 

Like many other organisations in the digital age, HK is working towards becoming techdriven and technically savvy.

Challenge and needs

HK wanted to shape the future for medical secretaries, who are members of the Danish trade union.

The client wanted to educate the medical secretaries and healthcare professionals to make them able to work with new technologies such as AI and chatbots. 


As digitalisation was the main focus for the client we assessed that creating a digital learning course would be the most suitable and less resourceful solution for our client. Great for us, because that’s what we are best at.

We decided to create a long but yet manageable course that’s accessible for the course participants. When creating a long course it’s important to provide diverse content of learning to keep the attention and interest of the course participants.

Not only is it important to provide diverse learning content in a long digital course. It’s also important to include tasks to activate the course participants and test them in the subjects they have been introduced to in the course.


An online learning course called The HK’s of the future. In Danish “Fremtidens HK’er”. The course which takes 12 hours to complete in total and consists of 11 chapters including videos in different formats, text, and tasks.

The course comes across subjects as:

  • Chatbot, artificial intelligence and RPA
  • Is technology a team player or an opponent?
  • Danske Regioners digitalisation strategy
  • Expand your skills – together with HK

This course seeks to educate and shape the future of present and forthcoming medical secretaries and healthcare professionals that are members of the trade union HK.

Virtio's role and process

Concept of digitising physical course I Planning and preparation I Casting teachers and experts I Production of videos I Course designing I Tailored delivery to the client’s platform