Danish Handball Federation

Short recap

In this case traditional e-learning wasn’t the solution as the audience to reach was voluntary people. Instead we used storytelling to pave the way for a learning experience that seems similar to the content we consume our free time.

Challenge and needs

DHF came to us with a burning wish to engage and inspire new coaches in handball. 

The federation wanted our help to educate the coaches in the right way, so that they could understand the ideas in practices, how to speak to kids, how to play a game, how to structure a training session and more.

DHF experienced that many voluntary coaches quit their coaching job when their kid quit playing handball. DHF wanted to change that to keep the youth handball alive.

The goal with this campaign was to light up a fire of passion for handball in the coaches with the possibility of making them stay coaching.


Because of the fact that youth handball coaches are voluntary, we assessed that the product’s format was vital. Instead of doing e-learning we chose to make inspirational and storytelling videos that would speak to the heart of the handball coach watching them.

We focused on inspiration instead of learning because we knew that they would watch our material in their free time. We assumed that not many of the coaches would spend their free time watching educational videos. Therefore, we decided to produce videos that look like the ones people would watch on their tv og other electronic devices in their free time.


We produced 9 videos lasting from 3-10 minutes as a series we call “Forældretræneren” in English the Parental Coach.

The videos come across topics such as:

  • The importance of parents as voluntary handball coaches
  • How to prepare a handball practice
  • How to teach handball to kids 
  • Well-being and community
  • Cooperation between coaches and parents
  • Coaches as inspirational figures

Virtio's role and process

With our focus on making inspirational videos instead of e-learning, we decided to interview several different people that have been or are involved with youth handball. 

This decision was made after consultation and agreement with the client.

Based on the agreement with the client we prepared a storyboard with our vision. We made sure to back-and-forth consult the client to make an agreeable storyboard which fits the needs from the client.

We interviewed parental coaches, kids, youth handball managers and professional handball players to describe the important work parental coaches are doing for children in youth handball.

We took care of the video editing ourselves and welcomed constructive feedback and adjusting wishes from the client to deliver a solid and well-crafted product.



And here is a word from our client

“They quickly grasped our needs and creatively transformed them into a fantastic new product. They made us rethink the training of handball coaches in an entirely new way, with a focus on communication techniques and accessibility for the target audience. We are delighted with the dedicated partnership and look forward to future projects with Virtio.”