Short recap

Virtio created a blended learning program with the intention to develop competencies for daycare providers without withdrawing them from their duties during their working hours.

Challenge and needs

New legislation revolving children meant that daycare providers had to go through competency development. The Danish municipalities approached us with a job to create a product, which could be of use to daycare providers without withdrawing them from their work physically. 

Unfortunately there’s a challenge in implementing competency development for daycare providers because you can’t remove them from their work with the children.

Therefore, we had to ask ourselves:

How to create an effective skills development program for 10.000 employees in all of Denmark’s municipalities that are working on their own?


In this case we had to rethink the way of competency development. We had to digitise the learning which was legislated demands for the daycare providers. 

Digitising a learning program meant that daycare providers could watch the material from home. They could even watch it during work in their breaks or when they’d put children to sleep and there’s room for it. 

We focused on storytelling and making the content practice based instead of too theory based. We also included educational theory which the experts we interviewed described in a practice oriented manner.

The reason for that was to make the content easy to understand and entertaining as possible so it wouldn’t seem as heavy learning of knowledge for the daycare providers.

For that reason we produced it all as video material in a short format instead of making the learning material as longreads. The purpose was to educate the daycare providers and lead them to reflect on their work.


A ground-breaking learning program containing 20 episodes for Danish day care workers that is fitted closely to their working day and habits. 

All episodes are created as documentaries with a combination of real live footage and expert statements. 

This is never seen before in Denmark on this scale. 

Nearly 1000 daycare providers are currently taking the course.

Additionally to the product we provide the client with a data driven systematic overview, which is a new way of thinking competency development in public institutions.

In the future Virtio will be providing a similar solution for nursery assistants and social and health care working substitutes. 

We are currently negotiating with several municipalities that are interested in buying the course.  

Virtio's role and process

Idea | Concept | Production | Customized platform | Roll-out plan |


And here is a word from our client

“Virtio is driven by designing and developing programs that make their marks and contribute to real, visible improvements. Virtio is both creative and thorough in the way they work.”

Susanne Harder, Komponent